“For a professional finish to your job the right tile alignment tools are important.”

Tile Spacers box 1_LR

Size: Description: Code:
1.5mm Cross Spacers 1.5mm x 100 Bag 16913
1.5mm Cross Spacers 1.5mm x 500 Bag 16914
1.5mm Cross Spacers 1.5mm x 2000 Tub 16915
3mm Cross Spacers 3mm x 100 Bag 16916
3mm Cross Spacers 3mm x 500 Bag 16917
3mm Cross Spacers 3mm x 800 Tub 16918
  • For perfect grout joints.
  • Available in 1.5mm and 3mm in either a resalable zip lock bag or resalable tubs.



Tile Wedge Box 1_LR

Size: Code:
Tile Wedges x 100 Bag 16919
Tile Wedges x 500 Bag 16893
Tile Wedges x 1500 Tub 16895
  • Useful in aligning and holding tiles during application.
  • Available in resalable zip lock bags or resalable tubs.




SALS Pail 180x270

Size: Code:
SALS Washer x 400 Tub 20068
SALS Stem x 400 Tub 20067
SALS Cap x 400 Tub 20066
SALS Flex Adhesive 20 kg Bag 20069

The system will ensure a more precise, fast installation eliminating lippage, the unwanted uneven joints between tiles, minimising shrinkage issues and virtually eliminating any tile surface marks and scratches.

A reuseable and reversible cap with adjustable tension and the non-marking protective washer make easy work of large format and rectified tiling installations.


SALS Image

Tile Alignment

Tile Alignment