Outdoor Tiles

Excellent Outdoor Tiles

Whenever you want outdoor tiles in Newcastle, think Tile Warehouse. We have a full selection of beautiful outdoor tiles.

Our range includes the latest outdoor and alfresco styles and the highest quality products for practical and exterior design purposes.

Selecting Tiles for the Outdoors

Selecting outdoor tiles involves some fairly major decisions:

  • Outdoor tiling may involve large areas, meaning you have to decide exactly what you want for a large scale exterior design.
  • Specific areas like entrances, pools and other spaces may require multiple tiling choices like waterline tiles, strep treads or tiles with different finishes.
  • Do you require bullnosing for pools or stairs?
  • Matching tiles to your exterior is another decision. For example, are you butting up to another type of flooring including tiles?
  • What kind of area is it? What level of Slip Resistant do you require?

Our range of tiles offers the best choices for your home environment. This range covers all the angles, from different types of tile to the best designs and solutions for special areas.

We can also offer you expert help and guidance with tile choices and any site issues you may have. We can find a tiler for you or help with DIY tiling tools and technical assistance. If you’re at the planning stage of your tiling project, talk to us and get our experts to help with all the critical issues, or we can put you in touch with someone who can.

Choosing Your Tiles

We recommend visiting our showroom in Newcastle to explore your tiling choices firsthand. This is a good way of seeing the different tiles, compare them, and research prices and other important issues.

We carry many options for outdoor tiling. We have porcelain and ceramic tiles with Slip Resistant finishes, with some series coming in a 20mm Paver to allow you to lay them straight onto dirt or sand.

Our display also includes Travertine and Granite Pavers. Perfect for Pools and Driveways. These are also available in various thicknesses.

Buying tip: Take a little time to compare and contrast tiles. If you’re looking at multiple types of tile, see how they work in combination. Use our pictures below as a guide for large area tiling and consider what additional features you want or need.

Visit Our Tile Shop in Newcastle

For more information about our products and services, you can call us on 02 4956 6929 or contact us online. Drop into our tiling shop in Warners Bay at any time and talk to our friendly staff about tiles for the outdoors. Ask us about any issues you have and for any practical assistance you need with your tiling project. We’re happy to assist. We are here 7 days for all your tiling needs.