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Finding a reliable tiler in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and Port Stephens just got easier with Tile Warehouse.

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What to Look For

Much like finding the perfect tile, choosing the right tiler can save you time and money.  Too many tradesmen take on too much work and are short on time.  Meaning clients are having their projects pushed back.

So how do you find a reliable tiler?


When installing new tiles be sure you get at least 3 different quotes. This will give you an estimate of how much it will cost to install the tiles. Many tilers offer free quotes to clients and will ensure it is valid for as long as possible.

When looking at a quote be sure to look for:

  • Labour costs
  • Materials
  • How long the job will take
  • Be sure to get it in writing

Try these local tilers who have come with great feedback from other customers. Always check licences before choosing any tiler.

See the following list of Tile Warehouse preferred tilers.

NOTE: Always check with the tradesman of your choice that they have licence & insurance cover necessary for your requirements.

Wall & Floor

Free Quotes
4953 6824 or 0419 549 726

Bathroom Floor Large Format Specialist

0414 014 363


Tiling, Tile Cutter Hire
Professional Guidance for DIY

0421 400 537

Domestic or Commercial

0431 418 599

Wall and Floor Tiler

Free Quotes
0410 320 707

Wall and Floor Tiler

Free quotes.
0405 188 609

Wall & Floor Tiler

0412 604 961

Wall & Floor Tiling

0499 169 555

(Mark Hutchinson)
All Aspects of Tiling

Free Quotes
0411 421 271

Wall and Floor Tiling

0414 096 617

Wall & Floor tiling

Contact for a quote
0414 582 337

Wall & Floor Tiling

0410 772 625

All Wall & Floor Tiling

0413 945 527

Wall & Floor Tiling

0419 696 899

All aspects of tiling

0448 294 466

No job too big or small

0415 688 262

Wall & Floor Tiling

0422 079 764

Big or small, we lay them all

0413 788 478

Complete Bathroom Renovations
All aspects of tiling

Free quotes
0450 298 151

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