ARDEX K15 Microtec is extremely versatile and is suitable for a wide range of substrates.

ARDEX K15 Microtec is able to receive virtually any floor covering in 16 to 18 hours.


  • Thickness:
    Feather edge to any thickness
    Can be bulk filled using 2-5mm aggregate
  • Floor Coverings:
    Linoleum, vinyl, carpet
    Ceramic and quarry tiles
    Timber – parquetry and floating
  • Substrates:
    New, existing or rough screeded concrete
    Rain damaged concrete which has been mechanically prepared
    Existing quarry and ceramic tile
    Steel decking (contact ARDEX Technical Services)
    Timber floors (contact ARDEX Technical Services)
    Damp or moisture vulnerable concrete when used in conjunction with an ARDEX moisture control system
  • Location:
    Internal in above or below grade applications
  • Coverage:
    4m2 at 3mm
  • Drying Times:
    Walkable in 2-4 hours
    Ready for vinyl in 16 hours
  • Packaging:
    20kg triple layered bag

ARDEX K 15 Microtec MSDS

ARDEX K 15 Microtec Datasheet

ARDEX K 15 Micro VOC

ARDEX K 15 Microtec

ARDEX K 15 Microtec