Planning Your Project

The key to a great tiling job is all in the planning…

The first and some of the most important elements in the DIY process is preparation.

Firstly, work out how big your space is. Measure your floor then wall space. Convert metres and centimetre measurements into square metres. This will assist when ordering your tiles. Next, remove all non-fixed objects from the room.

To find the square metre total, add the floor total to the wall total & subtract any fixed objects. Just to be sure to always measure twice.

The good thing is you don’t have to go searching far for the latest trends and finishes. Tile Warehouse has hundreds of floor and wall tiles on display. When choosing your tiles budgetcolour and size are the primary factors for most people to consider.

Splashbacks and feature tiles can bring colour and character to any room. Tile Warehouse friendly staff can show you our range of designs, sizes and colours that are sure to maximise your rooms potential.

Safety with any tools is important. Keep this in mind throughout your DIY project and always read the Manufactures Instructions.

Tile Warehouse can help you find the right tools for your job, so come see us today!

Preparing the surface (substrate) you are adhering the tiles to is one of the most important tasks to get right. If you don’t get the surface flat, clean and firm, the tiles could break, jut out, lift off or you could end up with a squeaky floor.

When applying to a painted surface, strip the paint all the way back or simply cover it with cement sheeting.

Disclaimer: the above Information is given as a guide only. If you need further advice, you should seek professional advice based on your own circumstances.