Precision tools for accurate shaping and cutting of tiles.

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“Precision tools for accurate shaping and cutting of tiles.”

  • Strengthened steel.
  • Comfort grip handle.
  • Multiple jaw combinations for various shaping and tile cutting.


Tile Nipper Straight Jaw 2_LR


Straight Jaw Tile Nipper

Code: 16873






Tile Cutter Combo 2_LR


Curved Jaw Tile Nipper

Code: 16874








Tile Nipper Curved Jaw 2_LRDescription:

Combination Jaw Tile Nipper

Code: 16875







Tile Nipper Pro 2_LRDescription:

Pro Tile Nipper

Code: 16906





Tile cutter handheld 2_LRDescription:

Handheld Tile Cutter

Code: 16907