Bathroom Tile Trends to Make a Splash in 2017

Modern minimalism style bathroom with black tiles

Does 2017 seem to be the year to make some changes to your bathroom décor? One easy and fun way to give your bathroom a makeover is to accessorise using fun new tiles. For a bit of inspiration, here are the best bathroom tile trends that our experts think will be very popular this year.

Patterned Tiles

Bathrooms are often made up of severe lines and clean tiles. Soften this up a bit by introducing patterned tiles to your bathroom in 2017. Bathrooms tend to look very similar, with lots of white and grey tiles. If you’re not comfortable adding colour, patterns are a great way of introducing some interest and pizzazz; you can really bring your own personality into the room. Having patterned tiles in your bathroom also shows that you’ve thought about the space and are proud to show it off and enjoy spending time in it.

Creative Layouts

This is a budget-friendly way to add a thoughtful and creative touch to your bathroom. You can even purchase inexpensive tiles and lay them out in creative and interesting ways to update and elevate even the simplest rectangular tile style.

Some people are choosing to arrange metro tiles vertically instead of horizontally to achieve a cleaner, more contemporary look. Using a strong colour contrasted by a lighter one can also give you a bold look. Think sleek black tiles partnered with a light grey grout to really make a bathroom statement.

Of course, you can also choose a classic herringbone layout, made all the more interesting if seen on your bathroom wall.

Always remember, using a contrasting grout will enhance the pattern even more.

Hex and Shaped Tiles

If you want to create style and design with limited effort, choosing a shaped tile is a good way to go about it. 2017 is going to be seeing a lot of hexagon-shaped tiles (carried through from 2017), as well as triangles and even circles. You can add a bit of contrast by changing up the colour as you move from vanity to shower, as you can see here.

Black is the New Black

Black wall tiles are making a huge statement in 2017. You can decorate your entire bathroom with black tiles or choose a simpler design and pair it with bronze or brass taps. If you want the wall to be the star of the show, then consider going for a textured black tile and coupling it with simple white cabinetry and maybe even a crisp, white free form bathtub, as you see here.

Adding Textures

Plain ceramic tiles are classic because they are easiest to clean. However, many homeowners are choosing textured tiles for bathroom walls or floors to add a bit of charm and contrast to a normally predictable room. A neutral coloured, natural-looking stone or timber look wall can make a great addition to any bathroom.

For more inspiration and trends that are to make an appearance in the 2017 tile world, contact Tile Warehouse in Newcastle today.

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