Advantages of Using Tiles in Your Home

Couple in tile warehouse looking at interior bathroom tiles for home

Are you moving into a new home or making plans to redecorate? As you consider painting the walls or putting down carpeting, you might want to think about possibility of choosing tiles to outfit your home.

Using tiles in your home will have many advantages compared to carpet or vinyl, including lifespan, maintenance and availability. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of using tiles in your home over other materials.

Tiles Are Long Lasting

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are hardy and durable when used as a tile. These types of tiles are very well known for their resilience and long lasting characteristics, mainly because of their resistance to cracking. It’s not just ceramic and porcelain tiles that last a long time. Most tiles last for many years as long as you care for them properly, from proper installation to careful cleaning with the right products.

Tiles Offer a Range of Options

When you choose tiles, your options are almost endless. There is such a wide variety of shapes, colours, textures, styles and materials that you can achieve any look on your floors or walls. The versatility of tiles is the main selling point for most people. You can have anything from colourful mosaics and patterned tiles to a wood look, concrete look or natural stone. You can even find tiles made of pebbles and stones. In short, whatever look you’re hoping to achieve, from classic and elegant to rustic and homey to contemporary and modern, you can easily achieve it with the right tiles.

Tiles Require Less Maintenance

Wood floors require special cleaning techniques and staining to maintain that warm, beautiful look. Carpeting requires regular vacuuming and shampooing. However, tile floors, especially if they are glazed, require very little maintenance. Tiles easily withstand water, spills, pet accidents, etc. Soap and water can really clean up any spill and most grouts are stain resistant, too. Glazed tiles, being impervious, do not absorb dust or dirt either.

Tiles Help Preserve Indoor Air Quality

Because tiles don’t really absorb any dust in the air, allergens, odours and bacteria are not harboured in tiles as they might be in a carpeted floor. In addition, tile is fired in high-temperature kilns so it doesn’t carry volatile organic compounds that are known to contribute to a wide variety of health problems.

Environmentally Friendly

Tiles are mainly made up of natural earthen clays, which are combined with water and transformed by fire. The tiles at Tile Warehouse are developed with targeted environmental initiatives at the forefront of our minds. Manufacturing is continually monitored to ensure Australian standards and compliance.

For more advantages of choosing tiles for your home, simply flip through our inspiration look books online. Alternatively, you can contact us today. We serve the Hunter and Newcastle regions and are happy to answer any questions about our products that you have.

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